Si vis pacem, para bellum / If you want peace prepare for war

Si vis pacem, para bellum – Vegetius

If you want peace prepare for war. How many times has this been uttered and not heeded, how many people and nations have been subjected to violence and subjugation because they failed to heed this admonishment.

Sivis pacem, para bellum. Why are the lessons of history always lost to the forgotten past? There are no particular reason this or any other lesson is forgotten other than willful blindness. Nor does length of time seem to play a roll in what is forgotten and what is remembered. How many times have we watched a family member or friend wade back into a destructive relationship and no amount of advice or counsel can sway them from repeating history? Lessons learned about history either from a book, antidote or personal experience always seem relegated to the trash heap of well intentioned all be it misplaced advice. People in the singular and the plural might recognize circumstances approaching that ring the caution bells of alarm but history is almost always ignored and actions and steps are taken that follow in the pig mire of mistakes that have predated the current set of circumstance and the same mistakes and outcomes are repeated yet again with the same predictable out comes.

It is never that the repetitive circumstances are so different in make up and actors that the point is hidden in the dusty examples of history. Nor are the actor’s motives and intention’s ever that different from one age to the next. Lust for power, fear, pride and searching for control are the same today as they were in the first millennium.

A horse will always act like a horse; an abusive man will always act the abusive man. A nation cornered will always either accept poor terms of capitulation or will lash out in foolish military maneuver.

A nation that forgets where they have come from and what fortitude it took to build the nation is always doomed to decline

For the last fifty years we in America have heard the caution that the state of our country is mirroring and progressing down a very similar road as what was the Roman Empire. No debate or defense will be given to the strengths and morality of the Roman Empire nor will they be given for the strengths and morality of the American nation other than to say simply this. After the fall of Rome Europe entered the feudal period of the dark ages and knowledge and any form of predictable justice was gone from the face of Europe for a millennial.

We have entered into a point in history where our social, economic, and political decision making has become so lazy and inept that the mistakes needed to guarantee we have chosen to follow Rome into oblivion are already virtually sealed.   Does this mean that the Visigoths are at the northern frontier and we must surrender the gates of our country and be subjected to a menacing foe? Not hardly but just like the Decline and Fall of Rome we will see saw back and forth a few more years.

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