Sic hunt Dracones – For here there are Dragons, phrase used to described what was beyond the edge of ancient maps

originally written 2010

Building upon a lifetime of observations and learning I have come to believe that a significant collapse of the economy and the social stability that this economic system has supported is in jeopardy.
Virtually all of the social structure we enjoy has been built upon mortgaged promises to the future. I am not saying that this process is an evil or faulty practice. In truth it is a reasonable way to build upon a society at a greater rate than might otherwise be achieved through the slow process of developing natural resources and material skills naturally. The danger that we are now in is that for the last 50 years we have been ever increasing the social contract of guaranteed stability and results output to the point that our national and world system can no longer support that inflation it has promised.
Many of us have been promised the world vis-a-vie our union membership, our educational acheivment, our public service employment and lastly our participation in investment options that reach all around the world.
I would say that in theory this was not a bad system but that it has been compromised. We have been promised more than can be paid. Just as we say portfoilios diminish into thin air a few years ago. Now unions are seeing their clout and bankroll diminish. In the near future I believe we will see the promises to the public sector break down into insolvency.
Everyone is clamoring to scratch up their share of the pie and the truth is the pie is not nearly big enough to support it all and now everyone knows it. They might not say it and they might not react to it out of fear and unbelief, but deep down they know it. Their only hope is that by some slim chance we might elect a group of individuals that will have the courage and intelligence to save us from going over the brink.

The closer we approach this horizon the less chance we have of electing reprecentatives who are able to turn us around or at least away from social economic collapse. It is an exponential problem from this point on. The closer we come to it the greater the insolvance becomes. All the while the pubic anger grows and public faith clouds over like war clouds. Talk to the normal housewife and they will tell you to hell with gas prices where were you guys for the last three years when food prices went through the roof.

15 years ago we watched Bosnia fall apart into civil war and ethnic cleansing, while we all forgot that just a few short years before that Sarajevo was the new Paris and the home to the winter Olimpics.

War and tragedy are always only a few steps away for any civilization.
In changing directions just a bit only for the purposes to make a point consider this. What do you think was the goal Bin Laden had when he waged war on America? Did he actually think he would be able so subdue us to the point that he could send Jihadist to this continent and possess our resources. I don’t think for a moment this was his purpose. His purpose was to injure us enough by any means possible that we would no longer have the power or will to interfere with them in the subcontinent.

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