Flamma Fumo est proxima – Flame is close to smoke

The greater part of what my neighbors call good I call bad

Flamma Fumo est proxima – Flame is close to smoke – Where there is smoke there is fire. A person should ask how many tragedies, fires, and betrayals have occurred through the centuries that have brought this statement to mind. Where there’s smoke there is fire. This can be used to cast a warning to those around us. It is however not used today to alert us to a threat but to whisper a suspicion of impending betrayal or deceit.

Est proxime – is close to – it is in proximity to you but still hidden. Even though a fire throws off light, burning heat, and noise as it consumes everything it touches. You are left knowing that the danger is real and it is close. Not only are you in proximity to it in terms of location you are also imminently close to it in time. At any moment you expect the danger to flash over and begin burning away at your life.
In our lives today we are so insular and protected from tragidity, degrading, and depredation that this old quote has lost its urgency of admonition. For every adversity, every tragedy, every material set back there is a professional trained and schooled in repairing our problem. From a home fire to a crisis of spirit, we have codified who the repairman is and what it shall be called. There is another old saying Ill chooses to add here. What ever it is you are afraid of, resisting, or dislike you are either creating it, imagining it or you will become it.
Isn’t it interesting that when physiologist from the west have gone to Asian or third world countries they have discovered a profoundly interesting fact. In Asia there is a dramatic lack of post-traumatic stress syndrome in those regions after horrendous natural disasters. Virtually no cases are found in the indigenous population after the earthquake and tsunami of 2004. It was not because the condition went unreported or hidden. When western psychologist looked for it in the population they did not find it. It simply was not part of the make up of the culture. What maladies and emotional problems are we foisting upon ourselves because we simply let them happen.
I say that when something bad happens simply call it bad luck, bad decsion or what ever and know that when it does we are the ones called upon to put it out and repair it. Then once again this warning might regain some importance. Flamma Fumo est Proxima.

If there is a fire in your heart, your finances, your behavior it is predominantly upon you to put it out. If you allow some specialist to fix it then that specialist not only fixes it they also choose the path you will take and what life you choose.

If there is smoke wafting around your behavior and conduct then eventually your behavior will ruin your friendships, land you in jail, squander your money, and get you killed prematurely.

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