Why such an optimist could be such a fatalist, an insight for my daughters

I believe it is safe to say my daughters would agree that while raising them I always taught them to look for the good in people and to have Faith in God.  I think it was safe to say that my faith was color blind and always looking outward to other cultures as just different people looking for the same thing. At least I hope it is so.

I grew up on the tail end of the boomer generation,  never fully vested in the causes of the boomers and I awoke as an adult during the Reagan years.  I had no misconceptions about Iran Contra affair.  I didn’t care then and I don’t care today, Realpolitik is what it is and no matter what culture or system the exercise of power is the same it is just how skilled you are at exercising it.

Over the years literally I have seen leaders make good and bad choses, it is what it is.  I disliked Clintons cavalier attitude towards morality not just in practice but in how he defined it, never the less he was a good politician.  He got things done that were good for both sides of the isle. Not everything mind you but he could work with in the system and get something done with some form of consensus.  His morals, at least public, however for ever changed America.  I can remember railing during the Lewinsky affair it wasn’t what he had done with a 19 year old paige that pissed me off.  It was his lying and belittling the affair.  As Harrison Ford said in Clear and Present Danger, “no use diffusing a bomb after it had gone off”.

It was the redefining of what was acceptable moral behavior in public and private that would for ever alter America. “we didn’t really have sex he said, how would you define sex, well I never penetrated her, maybe my cigar-but never copulation by the strict definition of the act”  I said then that in ten years we would have a generation of young girls and boys who didn’t really see anything wrong with oral sex, after all it wasn’t really having sex, more like advanced necking!

He was a good politician who got some things done worked across the isle and took advantage of two previous presidents economic policies.  I’ll never forgive him for what he did to the recent culture though. I’m no fool to think that sex didn’t go on between teenagers.  I learned way to early and though  I have never regretted the girls I chose to lay down with I do for ever regret is laying with them.  They were not the one and it was not the time.

Today we have legalized marriage of the same sex no matter what the people of that state vote.  On the horizon is polymorphous relationships were multiple partners of what ever mixture of gender will be legal and mandated to be accepted and not spoken ill of (hate speech). Polygamy and child brides next, lastly will come pederasty.  All will be acceptable and required education and laws to protect the individuals preferred behavior no matter what the cost or age involved. Dare I mention “man boy love” at this juncture.

Society and by that I mean a nation is a fragile thing if the moors of the society are ripped from the shores of history and tradition the nation drifts aimlessly.  Drifting aimlessly gets you no where fast.

“If A nations plumbing is as leaky as its philosophy then it foundations and structure are doomed” anon

Churchill once said I believe “that  a young person who wasn’t a liberal had no heart, a middle age person who wasn’t a conservative had no brain.”   In part I believe he came up with that belief to justify his shift to conservatism in his latter years.  Realpolitik stepped up to the plate and said this is what it is going to take to survive the future as a nation and culture.

Are we as a nation going to step up and call it dog crap when we see it in front of us or are we going to define it anew and give it political status so that particular pile of crap and every other pile of crap we walk upon is forever inshrined in a political stasis protected by courts and legislatures that the founders never had any intention of protecting with with the Bill of Rights?

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